More Confidence 
Want more money?
Want more energy? 
Want happier relationships?
Want to be respected and heard? 
Need to hit the reset button?
Need more joy, connection and FUN back into your life? 
Because Your Life Is Worth It! 
Enjoy the payoff of greater confidence! 

12 Weeks of Confidence Building Content
along with a full year of support 

Because your life is worth more and growing your confidence will always pay. Get ready to be more successful, get the job you want, the relationship you deserve and the financial freedom to have more fun!

The Confident Woman Program is simple and yet effective! In less than an hour a week you will receive coaching and support that will give you the shot YOU NEED to become the CONFIDENT WOMAN you deserve to be!
Greater confidence is a gift that will keep on giving!
Confident Woman Testimonials 

"Often people will tell me that they see me has a confident person, however little do they know that I struggle everyday with having confidence. This program has helped me to switch my mindset about what confidence is really about and has provided practical tools to add to my toolkit with everyday situations - my kids, family and work are benefiting, but mostly I am benefiting. 

This program has helped me work better with my male boss! I am learning and working to switch my fear to curiosity and owning that it is merely a conversation with him and not allowing him to have power over me.  

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to elevate their life and who wants stronger, more valued relationships in their life. Susan is very passionate about helping women become who they are meant to be and truly cares about you. I dare you to participate in the Confident Woman Program and let Susan inspire you to seek your highest potential."

Benda J.

"After attending The Confident Woman Program, I feel more empowered to have a voice in the room and have difficult conversations with people. I am more comfortable in my own skin. This program has given me a new sense and definition of personal power." 

Beverly L.

"I am not a woman who uses positive or negative superlatives very often; however, with Susan, it was easier to say "fantastic, great, excellent, outstanding, unbelievable, ... to describe experiencing each webinar in The Confident Woman Program. Susan is passionate about her topic and uses language unique to her that makes the difficult concepts easier to remember, for example, speaking from the thinking and speaking being forward focused, "power-with" rather than "power-over", "group or team", conversation = a meeting... . Susan is great instructor! I highly recommend The Confident Woman Program."

Gwen S. 

"The Confident Woman Program has helped me to be less afraid to speak my mind and to value my opinion when opposed. I can stand up for myself when someone seeks to have power over me. I was enlightened as to what woman do that keep them from rising to the top in leadership. I learned ways to shift and change positively. Susan made the sessions informative, concise yet fun. We also got to share private stories off the record. I feel more confident! Thank you Susan!"

Vivian J.

"CWP has helped me to own that it is more than ok to be and feel confident. Thank you for reaffirming - 'Life is Good' and should be celebrated! This program helped to shift my mindset back to I am ok, and it is ok to be strong, confident, and happy. Affirmation that it is ok to be the crab that crawls out of the bucket instead of being one that is pulling others back in the bucket or being pulled back into the bucket by others. I am a confident woman!"

Vicki O.

What You'll Learn
  How to build greater personal and professional wealth 
 How to own any room when you walk in 
 How to overcome the fears of not being good enough
 How to bring more energy into your everyday
How to argue with confidence to be heard and respected 
 How to bring more joy into your relationships
How to live a more empowered life without limitations
 How to speak confidently and get what you want
Here's What You'll Get
 12 Pre-Recorded Webinar Trainings w/ Susan Leahy  (Valued At $3597)
 8 Part Confidence Conversation Videos  (Valued At $247)
 52 Weeks of Affirmations (video & audio lessons)  (Valued At $197)
 Weekly Confidence Boosting Emails  (Valued At $297)
 Member Only Facebook Group Community (Valued At $297)
 First access to Confident Woman Retreat in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
 BONUS: The Confident Public Speaking (Audio Training)  
 BONUS: The Confident Job Interview (Audio Training) 
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